Zumba Classes Dartford

Are you looking for zumba classes in Dartford?

Our Zumba Classes Dartford offers excellent cardio and fun training as well as a range of awsome dance moves deliberately intended to bring the most out of your fitness venture. Zumba Classes Dartford at Clock Tower is Fully furnished with all that you require for your workouts, our Zumba Classes Dartford has an incredible range of cardio moves,  to help you achieve your ideal body and fitness goals.

Clock Tower Gym pride ourselves in providing our clients with easy use, stress-free work out space. As gym lovers ourselves we understand how important a work out can be for your mind, body and overall health, that’s why our facilities enable you to sweat your worries away and achieve incredible body results whilst doing it.  With a vast amount of equipment we can cater to all work out requirements, so if you’re not one to enjoy lifting heavyweights why not try our great cardio machines to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

Quality Zumba Classes Dartford

We understand at Clock Tower Gym, the struggles of getting through a workout alone, but with our excellent classes available at all hours of the day you can find the love of the gym all over again. Our varied timetable is full of intense and therapeutic classes, from a slow-paced yoga class to a high-intensity spin rest assured there is something suited to everyone.

Why Choose Clock Tower Gym?

  • Expert Fitness Advice
  • Improve Overall Fitness
  • Flexible Classes
  • Rolling Contract
  • Ladies Only Studio
  • Multiple Functional Cardio and Weight Studios
  • Excellent Benefits
  • Great Staff

Gym Floor

Gym Floors

High-tech 27 piece matrix gym equipment.

Free Weights

Free Weights area

A wide range of Olympic bars, squat racks, deadlift platforms and two sets of dumbbells up to 60kg.

Mixed Cardio Studio

Mixed Cardio Studios

Offering a selection of treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, bikes and rowers.

Stretching Studio

Stretching Studios

Stretching Studio

Boxing Studio

Boxing Studios

Consists of four assaulted punch bags and various speed-balls.

Functional Fitness Studio

Functional Fitness Studios

Equipped with ply boxes, kettlebells, TRX’s and a fortress rig.

The Clock Tower Clinic

The Clock Tower Clinics

Learn More

Ladies Only Studio

Ladies Only Studios

Has a rower, treadmill, cross trainer, bike, full set of dumbbells, barbells and two vibe plates.




Members are free to book classes 7 days in advance, non-members 6 days in advance.